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Our Mission

Testive’s mission is to personalize every learner’s educational experience.

We believe all students should be able to learn based on their own strengths and weaknesses, at their own pace, and with the support of a personal guide.

Testive’s products and services use technology to unite

  1. The best content available
  2. Cutting edge measurement tools 
  3. The motivational power of great teachers

That is how we deliver personalized education to every student more cost-effectively than traditional approaches to individualized learning.

From our start in test preparation, Testive has helped over 120K students on their educational journey. We are a graduate of the TechStars accelerator program and have offices in Boston, MA and Durham, NC.


Our Team



Front-End Dev

Wanted: a full-time front-end engineer who aspires to build beautiful products.

If you love to write code and think way too much about the design of everyday things, give us a ring. Also if any of the following are true, we'd love to hear from you:

  • Craigslist makes you want to gouge your eyes out.
  • You love working on a frontend stack.
  • Your house is oh so perfectly arranged.
  • Even when you're not at work, you find yourself creating things.

As a company, we are deeply dedicated to learning, both for our students and employees. Don't worry about your experience coming in, we'll be there to help you learn the ropes of our awesomely built Backbone/Coffeescript frontend. If nothing else, we promise you'll come out a frontend ninja.

Who are we? We're Testive and we build world class learning tools. We spend our days creating blends between people and technology. Machines are good at algorithms, analytics, and automation, and humans are good at thinking, personalizing, and motivating. We make online platforms that combine the best of both worlds: the insight of software and the inspiration of a great teacher.

Contact David Chippendale (david at testive dot com) if interested.

Director Of Engagement

Wanted: a full-time content marketing guru who loves to create and distribute fun, educational resources for different audiences and isn't shy about it.  

We are group of technologists and educators who have fun at work and approach everything with a bias towards learning. We firmly believe that online learning can bring higher quality learning experiences than a classroom setting ever could, to everyone. We’re looking for people who are passionate about shaking things up and making that happen. 


  • Create and distribute BOLD, fun content for parents, students, and college counsellors.  

  • Establish creative content resources and campaigns across the learning and marketing functions

  • Create a bold, clear creative direction for the brand while being open to new strategies/opportunities

  • Inspire cross functional team work to deliver the best content possible

  • Translate brand strategies into creative marketing execution that will be tested, measured and iterated

  • Manage workflow and deliverables

  • Analyze post campaign metrics for creative testing to set best practices and optimize campaigns


  • An amazing creator, producer, and distributor, with a great portfolio showcasing a wide range of content. You may be a teacher or a inbound marketing veteran, or have zero experience in education. No matter what, we’re looking for someone who can make a great connection with both parents and students through the content they produce.

  • A doer and a thinker. We need someone who can be a leader within the company and will not just sit back and expect things to get done. It’ll be your job to shape a fun and inviting brand that users ADORE by producing really compelling content!

  • Passion for education. Testive is on a mission to democratize access to world class learning tools. Amazing content is a huge part of that. We want to produce content that other companies would charge lots of money for, but instead give it away for free.

  • Bonus! Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS and ideally experience with a CMS is a plus!

Interested?  Contact Shonak Patel (shonak at testive dot com) with any samples you are proud of, your twitter handle, and anything else you think would be helpful in getting to know you!


Student Success Advisor

Wanted: a full-time agile relationship builder who leads with listening and knows how to ask ask all the right questions.

Testive’s Student Success Advisors walk the line between traditional sales and account management.  You must be able to both hunt and farm.  Prior sales or account management experience is a plus. Passion for learning and constant improvement is a requirement.

Our customers are highly motivated to buy, and our consultative sales approach is designed to educate and qualify customers so that we can make sure all our students are successful.  Our account management experience is ultra supportive of both coaches and parents, with a focus on ensuring parent and student happiness.  Exceptional performers will have the chance to help grow a sales organization driven by student success and ultimately improved learning outcomes from an early stage.

This entrepreneurial role will drive new sales, renewals, and referrals of our innovative educational products by (1) following up on inbound leads and driving potential customers through a well defined sales process (2) nurturing relationships with families and supporting student success throughout the life of their program. We'll even give you a small budget for every family who joins the program to send surprises (like dream school sweatshirts, movie tickets, or cupcakes) to students.  We want you to earn trust, build lasting relationships, and wow people.  We promise we will support you in doing that. 

Email Shonak Patel (Shonak at testive dot com) with your resume and 3 fun ideas on how you would pleasantly surprise a student you onboard in our program.  


Coach (part-time)

Do you like helping students succeed? Do you want to bring high quality education to more students? Do you like finding ways to make people more efficient and effective. You may be a good fit as a Testive coach.

Testive is pioneering a unique approach to learning that helps students succeed by combining a personalized, online learning experience with a human coach. From our start in test prep, we've shown that we can deliver an effective educational experience at prices that allow much broader access.

This position will involve working with students as their coach and helping us improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the coaching process.  The ideal candidate loves helping students succeed and believes that all students can reach their potential when given good materials, good tracking, and good motivation. 

Experience isn't necessary, but a passion for learning is a requirement.

This position is part-time and has highly flexible hours. Your schedule will be determined by the needs of your students, not the needs of your boss.  Initial preference will be given to candidates with availability to work on evenings (6:00 pm - midnight) at least 3 nights per week in order to accommodate the schedules of West Coast students.

Contact Tom Rose (tom at testive dot com) if interested.