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Our Mission

Testive’s mission is to personalize every learner’s educational experience.

We believe all students should be able to learn based on their own strengths and weaknesses, at their own pace, and with the support of a personal guide.

Testive’s products and services use technology to unite

  1. The best content available
  2. Cutting edge measurement tools 
  3. The motivational power of great teachers

That is how we deliver personalized education to every student more cost-effectively than traditional approaches to individualized learning.

From our start in test preparation, Testive has helped over 120K students on their educational journey. We are a graduate of the TechStars accelerator program and have offices in Boston, MA and Durham, NC.


Our Team


We're hiring

We firmly believe that online learning can bring higher quality learning experiences than a classroom setting ever could, to everyone.  We're looking for people who are passionate about shaking things up and making that happen.  Sounds fun right?  Reach out here