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Say goodbye to the stacks of prep books.

And hello to the future of studying for the SAT and ACT.



Testive offers more than any book ever could:

  • Free access to over 3,000 adaptive questions and videos to study for the SAT and ACT.
  • A free live weekly class
  • Powerful review and reflection tools that orient around learning, not gaming the test
  • A community of coaches and teachers that will motivate you to study and succeed for the SAT and ACT

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Raise Your Score 200+ Points

Testive's software and learning philosophy are designed to create the most opportunities for knowledge gain and behavior improvement. This means Testive students learn more and improve their scores higher than their peers.

Stick with your SAT and ACT studying plan, practice your prep questions and witness your score grow.



Learn with content curated just for you. 

There's nothing median about you. So don't waste time studying SAT and ACT prep questions from a book designed to be used by the median student in your class. 

Our platform learns as you learn. The prep questions you see will constantly adjust based on your ability level. This means every minute you spend learning on Testive will be more efficient and productive than anywhere else. 


Study Anywhere, Anytime

You're busy, we get it. You can work on SAT and ACT prep questions from school, home or anywhere with an internet connection. And you don't have to lug around textbooks in the process. 

Interested in coaching? Our coaches work on your schedule so you will never miss an important session. Testive is the most flexible learning solution for busy students.



Need some extra help?

Testive Coaches take studying for the SAT and ACT to a whole new level.

Testive coaches are all 99th percentile scorers and passionate teachers. Many of them are current Harvard graduate students. Most importantly, they love working with students to improve their scores.

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